Tips On Becoming a Digital Nomad

Want to work from your laptop & travel the world at the same time? It's totally possible for you! In this video, I've brought in Fin from Tim & Fin to share with you our best tips for becoming a digital nomad! SUBSCRIBE to Tim & Fin: SUBSCRIBE to my channel:

With each passing day, more and more people are finding out about the lives and possibilities of being a Digital Nomad. And with good reason! Who wouldn't want to work online and travel the world at the same time? Well, more good news: working remotely is becoming more of a thing every day and there is so much opportunity for you to join us in doing the same!

And in today's video, we have someone who is really crushing life on the road as a digital nomad. Allison, affectionately known as Fin, has been traveling the world, working from her laptop successfully for years and is here making a star appearance to share some info on how you can do the same! So scroll up, hit play and take note! And we'll see you on a beach somewhere soon.

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