An Affiliate Marketing Primer

One of the ways that many people have success being a solopreneur is affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a way for a company to sell its products and/or services by signing up individuals or companies (aka “affiliates”) to market that company’s products and/or services for a commission.  MANY, many products and services have affiliate programs.

Because companies want their affiliates to successfully market their products, they often supply information and tools to that end.  This can be a great, low-cost way to break into the world of the solopreneur.

Let’s start with these useful resources.

Do you prefer learning using by watching videos?   If so, check out:

Sometimes talking with other folks within affiliate marketing forums can really help!  You don’t know who you might meet by taking advantage of these resources:

There are a lot of links in this article.  If you want to bookmark them in your browser so that you can easily find them, but you’re not sure how to do that, check out this PC Magazine article.

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